I'm not talented... and neither is Mo Farrah

You've probably heard of Mo Farrah. 

If you haven't, you have either been living under a rock for the last few years, or you don't like sports. 

On the off chance you don't know - Mo is an olympic champion for Great Britain. He won both the 5,000 and 10,000 meters in 2012 and 2016. 

Canva Won't Make You a Designer

If you've ever used ready-made templates before you may have already come across this problem. 

You pick a beautiful template to modify. It looks great, really professional and exactly what you need. However as soon as you start to put your own text and imagery in it suddenly doesn't look as great. 

Here's why.

Sony A7 Camera Test

A few months ago my beloved Canon 5D mark ii died so I've been looking for my next camera. Naturally my next one would be another Canon because I'm used to them and I have a load of Canon lenses etc.

However I decided to go a different direction. I got a Sony A7 for christmas and it is AWESOME! 

How I do what I do

I often get asked how I created my paintings or graphics as if it is some magical process, or wonder why how I am 'so talented'. Well, the truth is no big secret. It's simply hard work and practice, practice, practice like any discipline. 

Hogwarts in the Snow

A few days ago one of my digital paintings, 'Hogwarts in the Snow', went pretty viral and got to the front page on Reddit. Since then I have had a variety of requests asking if it is available to buy anywhere.