My Simple Manifesto

My Simple Manifesto

I'll be honest. 

I started this blog to a) practice writing, and b) drive traffic to my portfolio site. 

I've since learnt that not only is that a bit naive, but also a bit narcissistic. Do you actually care about what I'm blabbering on about? What value am I adding to your life?

In essence, why should you give up your precious time to read my blog? 

I've also been struggling to hone down a theme because the fact is I do have quite a wide range of passions and interests. For example I'm a graphic designer who loves to paint, I'm a huge geek when it comes to TV and film, I'm a dog lover, a rugby league fan, a photographer, a digital marketer and social media addict. 


After a lot of thinking I've concluded that my biggest passion, and the area where I can best help others is design. 

I love design, it's not only my job, but my life and it has helped me through some rough times. I also believe that design and art should be accessible to everyone. To that end I have started writing a blog series for work called 'Design for Non-Designers' where I walk non-designers through some basic design principles.

That series is aimed at marketers and bloggers who want to up-skill themselves on the basics of design, but here on my personal blog I want to expand that further and provide specific design/ art tutorials such as this one.

So here's my simple manifesto 

I will provide creative tutorials on a variety of design and art related topics.

I will generally stick to the theme of design, but everyonce in a while I'll throw in a post about TV or something geeky because that's who I am.

I will give you insight into the world of graphic design, making it more accessible and less elitist.

If this sounds of interest give me a follow on my Twitter account or follow me on Pinterest where you'll get notified when I write a post. 

5 Design Hacks for Bloggers [Free eBook]

5 Design Hacks for Bloggers [Free eBook]

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